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“Someday Is Here”

In April 2017, I will begin leading an OLLI class at SVSU, “Someday Is Here: – The Lifestyle Side of A “Successful” Retirement.” As the title implies, we will address lifestyle, as opposed to financial issues associated with retirement. Although my profession is financial planning, I believe lifestyle issues are oftentimes given short shrift when planning for retirement.

Several years ago I ran across a great poem, “Someday Is Here” by Joe Hearn, who is a writer and newspaper columnist as well as a financial planner. I read the poem to 401(k) participants and clients when reviewing Retirement Income Projections to emphasize the importance of balance in retirement. Whether or not one is financially prepared for retirement, good health and friends are key to a “successful” retirement. “Someday Is Here,” provides perspective.

OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) at SVSU (Saginaw Valley State University) is one of 119 lifelong learning programs on university and college campuses across the country partially funded by grants from the Osher Foundation. All 50 states are represented in the member institutions including Aquinas College, Saginaw Valley State University, University of Michigan and Western Michigan University. While each of the programs is autonomous and unique, all offer non-credit educational programs specifically designed for seasoned adults aged 50 and older.

Over the past six years I have enjoyed renewing acquaintances and meeting new friends while participating in OLLI classes at SVSU. I look forward to leading this class.

If you are not familiar with this poem, I urge you to open the link and read it. I hope "Someday Is Here" brings a smile to your face and reinforces the importance of balance in your life.

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