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The Best of What They Said and I Read week ending 1/22/2017

Short excerpts from articles I found interesting.

I may not agree with the author and the following material is not intended as investment advice.


 Barron’s – Washington Fireworks Don’t Ignite Washington – January 21, 2017 by Ben Levisohn

  • “The inauguration of a president who has promised so much change brought surprisingly little of it to the stock market last week.  The Standard & Poor’s 500 index fell 0.1% to 2,271.31, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 58.48 points, or 0.3%, to 19,827.25. The Nasdaq Composite sank 0.3% to 5,555.33.”


  •  “…That could take stocks on a roller-coaster ride during the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency. Brian Belski, chief investment strategist at BMO, believes the new president is aware of recent history—how easy it is for a united government to become divided again at the mid-term elections—and will try to get a lot done quickly. That’s “setting the stage for surprises in both directions,” Belski says. “But the market is making a big mistake if it bets on gridlock.”  Change is coming…whether the market likes it or not.”

 The Hill.com – Warren Buffett: US will ‘work fine’ under Trump – January 20, 2017 by Mark Hensch

  • “…Billionaire investor Warren Buffett says America will continue running smoothly under President-elect Donald Trump.  “I’ve said this before, but America works,” he told CNBC late Thursday. "It’ll work wonderfully under Hillary Clinton and it’ll work fine under Donald Trump.  Buffett, who endorsed Clinton over Trump in the presidential election, said the latter would have “the most important job in the world” following his inauguration Friday.  The Berkshire Hathaway CEO added, however, the U.S. has a “secret sauce” that transcends any one president.”


  • “…Buffett previously urged Americans to rally behind Trump after the billionaire’s defeat of Clinton in November.  “I support any president of the United States,” he told CNN in a Nov. 11 interview. "It’s very important the American people coalesce behind the president.”  “That doesn’t mean we can’t criticize [Trump] or they can’t disagree with what he’s doing maybe,” he added. "But we need a country united. He deserves everybody’s respect.””

 U.S. Global Investors – Investor Alert – January 20, 2017 – by Frank Holmes

  • “And like that, it happened. Despite the polls, despite what anyone believed was possible, including many of his own supporters, billionaire developer Donald J. Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States…President Trump and now-former President Barack Obama couldn’t be more different in their backgrounds, visions and leadership styles—more so than any other two men whose administrations happen to adjoin the other’s.”


  • “…I don’t believe there’s ever been such a meaningful and potentially consequential transfer of power in U.S. history, with the incoming president all but promising to undo every last policy of his predecessor, line by line. That Obama peacefully and cordially handed over the executive office to a man who led the charge in questioning his legitimacy for a number of years is a testament to the strength and durability of our democratic process.”


  • “…Ford's CEO shared his vision of the future this week, "Our view is that the industry offerings, 15 years from now, is that there are going to be more electrified offerings than there are internal combustion engines," Ford CEO Mark Fields told Business Insider.  GM says that it will invest $1 billion in its factories and create or keep 1,000 jobs as part of its normal process of upgrading factories, the Associated Press reports, citing a person familiar with the matter.”

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