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Who We Are

Act Two offers professional, objective financial planning and investment advice to individuals, couples, and small business owners. We believe we do our best work when we are able to build long-term relationships that include financial planning and ongoing investment management.

We often hear the questions, “When can I retire?” or “When will I run out of money?”  We provide as much or as little help as needed.  When it comes to financial advice, one size does not fit all.  Some people find value in a comprehensive financial plan.  Others are looking for a simple financial check-up or a second opinion.

Many of our clients are retirees or pre-retirees 10 years or less from retirement.  We help develop a plan that addresses lifestyle and financial issues as they transition toward the next phase of life.

Get Acquainted meeting

We offer a complimentary 45 minute “Get Acquainted” meeting. 

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